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Not Just Holidays and Travel - Afftour


Not Just Holidays and Travel  - Afftour

As time has gone by, the idea of the holiday has undergone deep changes depending on the fast development of our modern lifestyles.

Not Just Holidays and Travel - Nature Tourism and Culinary

Not Just Holidays and Travel

Lignano Sabbiadoro bloomed in the Sixties and Seventies as a seaside resort and it was then considered to be among the most exclusive holiday destinations favored by VIPs. Nowadays, however, it would be unthinkable to offer the same kind of holiday people used to look for thirty years ago: all holiday resorts and facilities had to adapt to the requirements of modern tourists, just like the Hotel Bella Venezia Mare did to be able to offer holidays which could actually turn out to be real “experiences” thanks to the many available activities and sports.

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The Hotel Bella Venezia Mare was founded in 1968 in the new location of Lignano Pineta. This district of the town Lignano Sabbiadoro was developed from innovative urban planning according to which all the streets were built as being part of a whirl starting from the central “Rosa dei Venti square” and stretching until the outer arches reach the beach. As a consequence of this peculiar urban plan, every house and every hotel in Lignano is located in the middle of a peaceful Mediterranean pinewood but, at the same time, not far from the town center and the beach. The favorable location of the Hotel Bella Venezia Mare has turned out to be the linchpin of all evolutions and updates this structure has undertaken.

Recently refurbished, this hotel has decided to focus on the high-quality standard of the services it offers. Since now is unbelievably easy to get everywhere around the world, business competition in the tourist sector has exponentially increased and, to remain competitive and to be a match for far away exotic paradises, the best solution is to keep very high the quality standard of all services offered to tourists. That actually means making use of the experience acquired in the past, when only a few people could afford flight tickets and some countries were not accessible at all.

The solid family management of the Hotel Bella Venezia has made it possible to establish the right balance between consistency and evolution: modern services, like WiFi Internet connection and online bookings, are here available side by side with old traditional Mediterranean cuisine and customer care, which has remained the same.

Today's lifestyle has turned comfort into a basic requirement, therefore a stay has to offer a lot more than this to be considered a true holiday: besides the comfort of babysitting services, of bicycles and baby buggies rentals the Hotel Bella Venezia has decided to put at its guests' disposal swimming courses for free, useful presents for all those who stay at least one week and it makes it easier for them to practice several sports: tennis courts and golf green lie nearby while courses of scuba diving, kite-surf, windsurf and sailing are offered at unbeatable conditions to the hotel guests.

The strategy chosen by the Hotel Bella Venezia Mare proofs that professionalism enables firms to offer very high-quality services, thanks to which they are competitive on the market, but due to which they are bound to update constantly their services.

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