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About Sugarloaf Mountain Rio de Janeiro Brazil - Afftour


About Sugarloaf Mountain Rio de Janeiro Brazil - Afftour

Low Cost of Living; Retirement– Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America and therefore offers a broad range of opportunities for travel and diversity. From the Amazon jungles to famous beaches, you will find the inhabitants friendly and hospitable. Although the nightlife is well known in Brazil, few are aware that Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are among the cheapest cities to live in( according to the Economist Intelligence Unit).

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About Sugarloaf Mountain Rio de Janeiro Brazil - Nature Tourism and Culinary
Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Brazil is a good place to retire. Retirement visas are available with proof of income. It is common and legal for permanent residents to apply for Brazilian passports and keep their current citizenship and passports. Brazilian health care is very good. You do not need to be a citizen to use the national health care system. Patients pay nothing out of pocket for most care. For the highest quality health care, private market providers are also available– for a fee. Even so, the fees are much less than purchasing independent health insurance in the U. S. In general, you get more for your money in Brazil.

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Due to the well-developed agricultural, mining, manufacturing, and service industries, the economy of Brazil outweighs other countries in South America and is quickly expanding its presence in international markets. Rio de Janeiro( sometimes simply referred to as Rio) attracts so many travelers every year that it is not only the most visited city in South America but in the entire Southern Hemisphere. All of those visitors know one thing: Rio de Janeiro is one of the World’s s Coolest Cities. From its gorgeous natural beaches and lively carnival celebrations to its massive football stadium, Rio is a city full of vibrant life and endless sunshine. If you are looking for a party that never stops, you will have the time of your life in Rio.

Sugarloaf Mountain( in Portuguese, Pão de Açúcar), is a peak situated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from the mouth of Guanabara Bay on a peninsula that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean. Rising 396 meters ( 1, 299 ft) above sea- level, its name is said to refer to its resemblance to the traditional shape of concentrated refined loaf sugar. However, it is believed by some that the name actually derives from Pau- NH- aqua(“ high hill”) in the Tupi- Guarani language, as used by the indigenous Tamoios.

The mountain is only one of several monolithic morros of granite and quartz that rise straight from the water s edge around Rio de Janeiro. A glass-paneled cable car( in popular Portuguese, bonding– more properly called teleférico), capable of holding 75 passengers, runs along a 1400- meter route between the peaks of Pão de Açúcar and Metode de Cão every 20 minutes. The original cable car line was built in 1912( 99 years ago) and rebuilt around 1972/ 1973 in its current form. The cable car goes from the base, not the peak of the Babilônia mountain, to the Urca mountain and then to the Pão de Açúcar mountain. 

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