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Lemon Tea in Hanoi - Afftour


Lemon Tea in Hanoi - Afftour

No need for modern furniture, sophisticated furniture, or spacious space," lemon tea" still knows how to fascinate young people from the first time they enjoy it. And very quickly, people called" lemon tea" a unique noun as a hobby of the Hanoi people.
The tea mugs faintly smell of jasmine, mingling with the sour, sweet, and pure flavors of one or two slices of fresh lemon. That is suitable for a rich flavor of Ha Thanh. More than just lemon tea, in different locations, you can find differences...

Lemon Tea in Hanoi - Nature Tourism and Culinary
Lemon Tea in Hanoi - Nature Tourism and Culinary

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Lemon Tea

1. Dao Duy Tu Lemon Tea

Two rows of lemon tea( actually one owner but there are two rows) in Dao Duy Tu street, the section from Luong Ngoc Quyen turns. Sidewalks and streets are quite small. Specialties: lemon tea. This is considered the first place to" produce" lemon tea in Hanoi. Very good brew. There is also tea for you to change your taste. Price: 6k/ cup of lemon tea, 12k/ bowl of tea, 10k/ sunflower plate.
Plus points
- A place for you to enjoy a cup of lemon tea in the best way.
- Bubble tea and sweet potato tea here are very delicious.
Minus points:
- The seats are not airy and clean.
- The view here is not beautiful because the street is quite small. The shop is also small.

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2. Church Lemon Tea

Including many rows of lemon tea, tamarind stone gathered around St. Josephs( Ly Quoc Su crossroads, Nha Tho street, Nha Chung) Specialty: the most beautiful view of Hanoi. Price: 6k/ cup of lemon tea; 10k/ sunflower plate. In addition, you can also order grilled sour spring rolls, canned noodles... all kinds of fast and light snacks. At Nha Chung, there is also tamarind stone for 7k/ cup.
Plus points:
- Beautiful view overlooking the church, true quality of the old town. Saying this is the most" expensive" pavement location in Hanoi is probably not too much. Even many Saigon friends who had the opportunity to go to Hanoi confided to us that before leaving, they were suggested that they have to sit in Hanoi lemon tea, otherwise it would be considered as not coming. So even though the lemon tea here comes after Dao Duy Tu, it's famous fast, and it's much hotter now.
- The opening time here is from morning tonight. So whenever you like, you can also your friends to" church lemon tea".
- This is the hottest place for Hanoi youth.
- Gather a lot of lemon tea, tamarind ice... so you have many choices.
Minus point:
- Very crowded. Especially at night. So you may run out of space.
- Have to pay as soon as you order an item, so it is quite annoying if you order a lot, have to pay sporadically continuously.

3. Tran Nguyen Han lemon tea

Along the sidewalk of Tran Nguyen Han( next to the Hanoi children's palace), eat out Ly Thai To.
Specialties: sugar tea( iced tea for sugarí) Price: 4k/ sugar tea; 6k/ lemon tea; mango, guava, tubers from 7k- 10k; Sunflower- 6k to 10k depending on size.
Plus points:
- Enjoying the road here is quite interesting.
- Self-service criteria: from taking chairs, ordering water and food, then carrying out so you are quite active in choosing seats and choosing food.
Minus points:- Having to take care of the car by himself, the car has to be seated in any place so it is a bit disgusting to ignore one.

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