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How to Make Hot Thai Milk Tea - Afftour


How to Make Hot Thai Milk Tea - Afftour

In the previous articles, we have learned about how to cook mink tea, jackfruit tea to cool off in the summer. 
This time, let's get started on making Thai, attractive, and attractive Thai tea that everyone likes.

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Thai Tea

Cold tea with a flavor of fruits is delicious and easy to make.

- 200gr litchi, 200g jackfruit, 200g longan( all peeled, seeded, meat), if the season is right you can use fresh fruit is the best, otherwise, you can use canned fruit instead it is OK.
- 2 teaspoons of agar powder, 600ml of water, 40g of sugar, a little red strawberry syrup.
- 1 cup of green coconut jelly, 1 jar of young coconut in syrup.
- 150- 180gr of sugar
- 1 liter of fresh milk without sugar

Instructions on how to:
- Cooking jelly: put 600 ml of water in the pot with 2 teaspoons of jelly for about 30 minutes to bloom and then on the stove to cook over medium-low heat, while cooking pay attention to stirring occasionally so that the jelly does not clump. 
lumps and stagnant in the bottom of the pot
- Wait until the pot is boiling and rolling, add 40g of sugar with strawberry syrup, continue stirring until the sugar and jelly are completely dissolved.
- Pour the mixture into any mold, then let it cool, and then cover in the refrigerator for the agar to harden. 

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When the jelly is frozen, take it out and cut it into small pieces.
- Fabric, label cut a small square. 
Long fiber cut jackfruit.
- Young coconut soaked in syrup, if you cannot buy a commercially available type in the jar, you can find to buy young coconuts to cut into small fibers, then add sugar to the stove to boil to dissolve the sugar, soak overnight for coconut to soak. 
Coconuts should be chosen to buy really young and soft when added to tea, which will taste better.
- Fresh milk mixed with 150- 180g of sugar( depending on taste, like different sweet and light) to dissolve. 
Then add all the ingredients mentioned above and stir well. 
After mixing the tea, cover it and put it in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight for the tea to be very cold because this tea is used cold will be very delicious.
- You overseas can use the fat milk( half& half) to replace the regular fresh milk, the tea will be fatter and more delicious.
If you like the smell of coconut and durian, you can add in the tea with coconut milk and some durian meat. 
Will make the tea fatter and more attractive. 

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