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Ha Thanh Food and Drink - Afftour


Ha Thanh Food and Drink - Afftour

Unlike the South, which has only two rainy and sunny seasons, the North has four distinct seasons. 
The cooler the winter, the more intense the hot season in Hanoi. 
And in the sweltering heat of that summer day, there was nothing like enjoying refreshing tea. 
The Hanoi tea dishes are not fussy and eye-catching, but simple and delicate with the faint scent of grapefruit and jasmine flowers, the sweet sweetness of the sugar water is still a great snack in the hot weather. 
Tea can be considered as a product from the gentle and skillful hands of Ha Thanh women, and that is why Ha Thanh tea has very lovely feminine features: elegant color, delicate sweetness, shape Simple and unobtrusive wakefulness.
Although nowadays, Hanoi's street sells all kinds of snacks such as cakes and tea ice cream from all over the world, traditional tea still has a firm foothold in the northern culinary village. 
Grandmothers and mothers still carefully instruct their daughters in the family how to cook delicious tea for generations. 
Every summer, Hanoi people happily hold a familiar traditional tea bowl in their hand, not only to cool off a hot day but also to understand more feminine beauty, delicateness, and meticulousness of Ha Thanh women.
Let's take a look at the most popular tea dishes when coming back in the summer on Ha Thanh street!

Ha Thanh Food and Drink - Nature Tourism and Culinary
Ha Thanh Food and Drink - Nature Tourism and Culinary

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Ha Thanh

Number 1. 

Areca flower tea.

Among the tea commonly found in Hanoi, areca tea is probably the most romantic and poetic tea. 
Areca tea is cooked from tapioca, green beans, grapefruit flowers, or jasmine. 
The name areca flower is called because on the sticky surface of the tea, the golden beans are floating indifferently like a fallen areca flower in the yard.
To make the standard areca flower tea, the cook must carefully choose from the raw materials. 
Green beans must be a type of pepper bean, with a flat body with yellow flesh, sprinkled on a bowl of tea to look beautiful. 
When it comes time to cook tapioca flour, the soup must be very precise, so that the tea is not too thick nor too thin. 
After cooking tea, it is necessary to skillfully sprinkle green beans that have been soaked in salt, boiled on top to ensure that the beans do not sink to the bottom of the bowl... Although the tea is simple, it contains a lot of ingenuity from the cook's hands. 
This has turned areca tea into the number one dessert on a summer day- not only because of the cooling function from tapioca, green beans- but also thanks to the cool, pure beauty in the midst of the dazzling summer sun. 
menstrual land.

Number 2. 

Sweet soup with lotus seeds and longan.

Lotus seeds have a sweet taste, cool properties, not only dissipate heat well but also detoxify, sedate, very suitable for processing summer dishes. 
Lotus seed tea is a combination of the sweetness of the lotus and the sweetness of the longan, creating a delicate and harmonious dish that not only preserves the healthy nutrients in the lotus but also avoids the taste. 
Boredom, boredom is often seen when using lotus seeds alone.
Lotus seeds and longan- a great combination
Sweet soup with lotus seeds expresses meticulousness and carefulness in a rather sophisticated way of processing: longan must choose large fruits, thick pulp, each longan should cover the lotus seeds so that it is tight, fit, and shiny of the lotus is still visible enough through the transparent white label layer. 
Elegant beauty in form, refreshing in flavor, a bowl of lotus, and longan tea has contributed to alleviating the sultry heat of Ha Thanks summer day.

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Number 3. 

Grapefruit tea.

Pomelo tea is popular in all three regions, but Hanoi pomelo tea still has its own characteristics thanks to the sweet and sweet water, the gentle smell of grapefruit flowers, creating a very elegant flavor. 
The uniqueness of grapefruit tea is that it turns the bitter sour and sour grapefruit into a sweet and cool dessert, a faint scent of grapefruit flower mixed with green beans.
Hanoians often do not eat tea with ice because it dilutes the very mild flavor of the tea. 
However, with grapefruit tea, Ha Thanh people still eat with ice in the summer. 
A cup of grapefruit tea on summer days will have the first layer of green beans mixed with pure white grapefruit pulp, then thin ice flakes, finally a bit of fatty coconut water.

Number 4. 


Similar to lotus seeds, tapioca is the favorite cooling dish of Hanoians. 
Tapioca is ground into fine flour, marinated with the scent of grapefruit flower or jasmine, creating an unforgettable fragrance for Trang An tapioca. 
People often mix tapioca flour and cook it to create flexibility, then add sugar to taste and enjoy.
Tapioca tea is cool, easy to eat, and easy to make
Another delicious variation of tapioca tea commonly seen is the lotus seed tapioca tea. 
Lotus seeds are simmered, spread like flower buds, and soaked in sugar, continue to cook with tapioca flour until smooth, finally sprinkle a little green flat rice on the surface. 
This is considered a cool and nutritious dish that is very popular in the summer, thanks to the delicate blend between the two ingredients of lotus seed and tapioca.
Every time Hanoi comes into the summer, people always wish to cherish a small porcelain bowl, containing fragrant tea. 
No need for colorful and fussy colors, Ha Thanh tea with simple familiar ingredients possesses a true, intact flavor of heaven and earth, enough to cool the heat in summer. 

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