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Best Cake in Saigon - Afftour


Best Cake in Saigon - Afftour

Dishes of Snacks.
Our country is famous for delicious and affordable snacks that can not be found anywhere. 
In particular, street snacks only available in Vietnam have stirred many culinary enthusiasts around the world because of their richness and distinctive flavors.

Best Cake in Saigon - Nature Tourism and Culinary
Best Cake in Saigon - Nature Tourism and Culinary

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Pillow cake

Pillow cake has probably become a familiar name to Ha Thanh's friends. 
At the time when fried spring rolls did not appear, the pillow cakes were an attractive snack for you. 
The pillow cake is a bit like the Southern Banh xeo or the western quai ca, but it is very different in terms of ingredients and how to make it.
A delicious pillow cake must be golden yellow, crunchy, and delicious in harmony. 
The filling can include eggs, ground meat, shiitake mushrooms, wood ear fungus, pepper, a little seasoning, and a little carrot or diced kohlrabi mixed well with the filling. 
The taste of this snack would not be complete without the dipping sauce and guillotine. 
The dipping sauce can be fish sauce mixed with green papaya, carrots, minced garlic, sugar, and vinegar or chili sauce.


Currently, somewhere on the streets of Hanoi, there are still sellers carrying clam porridge with a pot of clam porridge wrapped in hot blankets, the other making people ecstatic by the incense and laksa leaves. 
Clam porridge is a popular snack, eaten with kumquat and onions, warmed by the spicy taste of pepper and paprika, making people enjoy a warm stomach in the cold afternoon and absorb the rustic nature of Ha Thanh street food.
Clam porridge is usually cooked with delicious rice that has been soaked and pounded like a plate. 
The cook must be skillful, when cooking, stir constantly to make the porridge cook with a consistency that fits the mouth, not clumping. 
A delicious bowl of porridge must have the natural sweetness of the broth of mussels and the type of mussels used to make porridge are young fresh mussels. 
The seductive flavor of the mussel clams, the sweet and fatty taste of the porridge bowl is thick and fragrant, and the spiciness of the pepper and paprika makes the porridge bowl even more appealing.
The mussel has a sweet and salty taste, is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, some vitamins like B1, B2, PP, C, and especially has a lot of zinc. 
They are welded, have a heating effect, and dissipate thirst. 
Truly a delicious and nutritious snack for you all!

Baking rice paper

Grilled rice paper has probably become an indispensable snack for street food lovers when coming to the misty land of Dalat. 
Going around the city, it is impossible not to pay attention to the embers of the baked rice paper stalls.
Smoke rising from this snack, plus the warmth radiating from the coal fire probably attracted visitors who are unfamiliar with the coldness of Dalat. 
At night, people often buy double-baked rice paper, then sip snacks while walking around the night market.
The ingredients for making rice paper rollers vary according to the needs of the seller, so you can find a variety of flavors while walking around the baked rice paper shops. 
The seller will usually use eggs, a little ground pork, add a little onion fat, roasted peanuts, and chili powder.
This snack can also be modified with dried beef, mayonnaise, cheese... 
Each of us can find our own when eating baked rice paper made to our taste.
Perhaps because of this dish admiration, now baked rice paper also appears on the streets of Saigon. 
Just step foot into the street, from the suburbs to the central districts like District 1 and District 3, we can easily see the shops selling water rice paper. 
But there must be cool air for us to fully feel the simple yet warm taste of this snack.

Cake mix

It is unknown from now that the mixed rice paper has become a familiar snack and has won a lot of love from young Saigonese. Mixed rice paper originated from Tay Ninh. 
At that time, the people of Tay Ninh felt sorry for the broken rice paper samples, which were used to mix with satay, onion oil, and some other ingredients to eat. 
In the long run, this snack becomes a favorite dish, imported to Saigon. 
The main ingredient for mixing rice paper is chopped rice paper. 
Previously, the seller had to chop rice paper, mix it with other typical ingredients such as Tay Ninh shrimp salt, satay, beef jerky, kumquat, quail eggs... 
But now there is a kind of rice paper that has been chopped. 

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available, manufactured in Tay Ninh, specialized for mixed rice paper. 
Currently, the majority of mixed rice paper sellers in HCM City use this type of rice paper material.
The ingredients for making mixed rice paper, including shrimp salt, quail eggs, dried beef or squid, black dried beef, kumquat… are generally quite sporadic. 
It is thanks to the broth( usually beef jerky) and satay, when mixed in, has the role of bonding these ingredients and creating an unforgettable flavor of mixed rice paper. 
If it is delicious rice paper, the rice paper after mixing will become soft but still chewy. 
Eat a piece in your mouth to feel the sweet and sour sweetness, the aroma and chewiness of dried or squid-dried beef, the taste of roasted peanuts, and add a quail egg that is both fatty and fragrant. 
Diners also feel the unique deliciousness of the mixed rice paper thanks to a little spicy satay and chopped laksa leaves.
Mixed rice paper is not only delicious but also quite affordable for young people. 
The price of a mixed rice paper purchased from a street vendor is now from VND 10, 000 to VND 15, 000. 
The image of schoolgirls, even office workers wearing office clothes after school or work, holding a bag of rice paper, and eating snacks with friends and colleagues has become extremely familiar. 
belongs on the streets of Saigon.

Quail egg cake

For junk food connoisseurs, when coming to Da Lat, surely in addition to the classic grilled rice paper, you must also enjoy the cake can. 
The cakes are poured in lovely little molds because the cakes are small, so people rarely sell them together, but they usually sell in pairs. 
When pouring the cake, the baker poured a layer of rice flour at the bottom, then a layer of quail eggs, finally a layer of rice flour, and then covered the lid, a few minutes later the cake was cooked, ready to eat.
Due to the simple ingredients of baking, when we eat cake, we often have to eat with sophisticated sauces. 
Cake can sauce often includes char siu meat, onion fat, some places also mix fish sauce with chili just hot and spicy. 
When you eat, you have to pick up the whole cake, soak it in the sauce and eat it right away. 
Having to eat Banh can in the air of Da Lat, that spicy taste penetrates the warmth spreading inside the body.

Custard cake

This is a dish associated with the student days of many Saigon young people. 
When Western people make a cake, the main ingredient is butter to make it fat and soft, but the aunts in Saigon use coconut milk instead of butter. 
The cakes are usually soft, sweet, and creamy with a hint of coconut milk scent.
The perfect sponge cake should be a sponge cake that is not dry, not too sweet, and fatty. 
When put in your mouth, the taste of coconut milk will be soft and aromatic.
Different from other street vendors, the cakes are lying dormant on a street corner, noisy, noisy, sellers are not in a hurry, willing to pour each cake tray even though many customers are waiting around.
Those who love the sweet taste and aroma of sponge cake, still patiently wait for each cake because there are only 6 pieces of cake in each batch, and nothing tastes better than a bag of hot delicious sponge cake. 
just out of the oven.

Honeycomb cake

The special Waffle Cake looks a lot like a Western waffle, but the taste is simple but extremely passionate. 
The cake is thin but contains many childhood memories of anyone who ever lived in Saigon.
Wandering through the streets of Saigon, especially in the central districts, you can easily see the image of baked goods stalls on a street corner or a certain sidewalk. 
There are almost all kinds of cake, banana cake, and bee ash cake.
Before being poured, the cake molds are heated, then evenly oiled on the bottom and inner lid of the mold. 
After pouring the batter, the baker folds the mold and turns both sides evenly so that the cake is crispy and quick. 
Or the cake can be removed immediately after baking to eat with consistency and hot.
Childhood memories, mixed with the delicious and sweet scent of baked goods, will probably make us feel more attached to the land we live in. 

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